Friday, September 7, 2012

Performance at Moca Cafe

On Wednesday last week I did a show at the Moca Cafe in Miami. it was a night featuring Poets and Jazz and I was Honored to be the featured performer! It was very nice night, the band was excellent which is always a wonderful thing!

                                            on stage
                                         Before the show
   with one of the great musicicans, Mustafa (saxophone)
Great Crowd!
One of the other Performers 'Stichez' the Poetess (Bet 106 and Park Finalist)
 Thanks to the beautiful Marjory Sheba for inviting me to perform. If you are ever need somewhere sophisticated to go on a Wednesday night in Miami definitely check the Moca Cafe Poetry Night.

Rhode Island Reggae Festival with Junior Marvin

I recently performed at the Rhode Island Reggae Festival with Junior Marvin. Many of you already know the name but just in case, Junior Marvin is the original guitar player from Bob Marley and the Wailers. you can see him in the recent documentary 'Marley' on VH1. ( I actually ended up watching it the day before our first rehearsal.) I had never been to Rhode Island before.  It was a lovely afternoon on the wharf.
                  Bushman performed before we went on stage

             On stage with Junior and Simone

 Everyone out enjoying the show and the weather
Me and Lisa after the show (another great singer)
 The people were great and it's always nice to work with musicians who worked with the great Bob Marley. I always end up learning something new and valuable about him. For instance I didn't know that Bob was never late!  He was always the first one there and the last to leave for rehearsals, soundchecks etc.(I need to take notes on that one) and if something needed to be done he would do it himself, like sweeping the floor etc..
also according to Junior, one of the things Bob said that I found quite profound, was that he didnt want to work with the best musicians.he wanted to work with those that were the most interested. Wow, food for thought!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have been so busy lately with new music and life etc..that I havent updated my blog much lately. So I found a corner of the studio to do a post tonight and catch you all up on whats happening!
as I write I am at Harmony House which is Beres Hammond's studio in Kingston Jamaica.

Ive been here for about 3 weeks now doing some backgrounds and writing. Beres took the whole gang out to see Tessane Chin perform at a local club called 'Pulse' she was fantastic.

I have some new songs recorded and you can listen to them here!
stay tuned ill have more behind the scenes pics posted soon!

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Youtube Channel

As promised the new songs I have been working on are available to listen to on my New youtube channel. just click the title of this post and Ill take you there!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Background Gig, Costa Rica!

Hi all, Im definitely progressing on the Album, my next post will be a sneak peak with one of the new songs ive the meantime Im travelling!
day after tomorrow, im going here

to sing Background for this guy...

on this show...

I'll be taking pictures and video so check back with me!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

in the studio

here I am in the studio the other day..thought you all might wanna see a really blurry pic of me behind a microphone!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Singer on the go!

the life of an unsigned singer! no fancy studios today,this is what i took with me to do some recording at a djs studio day before yesterday..
my Mic
my pretty coral purse
my make up kit
and my phone (in the little pink bag)
this was supposed to be my little mobile recording kit but it turns out that this mbox is pretty old.(borrowed from a friend) and is no longer compatible with anything anymore! so we ended up recording to his laptop and doing a rough vocal with the built in mic,but we made it work!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Show in Atlanta..

I was so glad to meet all the great people from Good Deeds International who have been supporting me. I met so many great DJs, Devan Powe and his wife Shirley who brought me out there to perform, and Calvin,Cornell AKA C Smoove and Jerry. I am still waiting to get all the photos back from the event but in the meantime, this is me just about to leave the hotel on the way to the event.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Atlanta show!

Hi all, its Hassanah here
I am in my hotel room in ATL. its the night before my performance tomorrow at the Good Deeds International steppers convention!
it will be at:
Club Ellery’s
2008 Campbellton Road, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30311
im looking forward to it..ill be performing 'Just Like Heaven'
ive also been asked to perform this summer for the 'Soul Series' which will be held at the beautiful Alhambra Night club in Chicago.
so tonight and tomorrow will consist of deciding what to wear and what hair and makeup i will be creating!
i am leaning towards this grey off the shoulder blousy sean john dress. (looks much better on than hanging.) ill post pics of the final look and the show!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

interview on

Exclusive Interview: Soul Singer Hassanah
Submitted by T. Pratt on Mon, 01/26/2009 - 17:38.

If ever there was a song that had me on a wild goose chase, "Just Like Heave" is it. I searched hopelessly for the track for close to a year with no luck. It was not until Ameenah Rashid discovered the track and sent me a link to it, that I finally found it on Sno Cap. Talk about "Heaven" ... I don't even remember what I had to promise her for sending the song my way.

On Friday, after sending out a heads up about the interview, I got an email from DJ Verdena. I had known for some time that Verdena was responsible for bringing the song to the Chicago Steppin' scene. As the DJ's do however, they kept it amongst themselves to avoid bootlegging. Verdena says that she gave a clearance to release the track to the general public after talking it over with Hassanah. It seems however, that no one shared the news with DJ Calvin and Steve "Breeze," as they held it tight within their grasps.

Once I got the track, I called my buddy Steve up with the song playing in the background. He then told Mellow Khris and the song ended up on a CD. Well ChiSteppers, all of those games are over because we've finally found Hassanah, and you all get to check out her "Heavenly" interview.

T. Pratt (TP): It was great chatting with you the other day. You’re such a sweetheart. How surprised were you to learn that your song, “Just Like Heaven” was a major hit on the Steppin’ scene?

Hassanah (H): It was a very pleasant surprise. It was really out of the blue … I was just checking my emails and once in a while I would get a message from listeners who were involved in the Chicago Steppin’ scene who were really happy to have found me. The first Steppin’ DJ who contacted me was Cynsitivity. [She] was the first one who really explained the whole scene to me. Before that I don’t think I really understood how big the scene was and how popular “Just Like Heaven” was.

TP: What was the inspiration behind “Just Like Heaven?”

H: It’s really a song about unexpected blessings. Going from being in a downtrodden state to a heavenly state of being. So it’s spiritual in that sense but it could apply to any situation. The actual inspiration was a poem by Rumi called “New Moon Hilal.” I just found [that] the imagery spoke to me and it was kind of in my mind when I went in to record that day. The track [produced] by Jacob Gabriel of “The Level” productions just felt right for the theme and the lyrics and melody just came together. It was one of those easy songs.

TP: Were you familiar with Chicago Steppin’ prior to the few emails that you received on Myspace?

H: Not really. Of course I had heard the song “Step in the Name of Love” [by R. Kelly] and seen the video but I didn’t realize how serious people really took it and how much of a culture it was. I think it’s a beautiful thing though … very classy and sophisticated. I wish that type of sensibility would spread into the wider music community.

TP: I’ve purchased a few of your songs off of Sno Cap, but I can’t figure out what Genre to put you in. It seems closest to Neo Soul. How would your categorize your music?

H: I really have stopped trying to categorize it myself. I’ll let whoever is listening decide. I don’t really like the term neo soul, I find it kind of limiting but I just like good music. I sing jazz, reggae, R&B, soul ... whatever, as long as it’s good music I don’t have a problem taking part in it.

TP: The record industry has been going through major transitions. Would you prefer to stay independent or is it your goal to get a major recording contract?

H: I used to be set on getting a big record deal and all of that but I’m starting to realize that I can make music and get it to an audience without having to go through a record label. My goal is to have my music career develop in the best way possible and whatever way that happens is fine with me.

TP: When we talked, you said “Just Like Heaven” was made some time ago while you were in school. What school did you attend?

H: I went to college at North Carolina Central University, which is an HBCU in Durham, North Carolina. I did some jazz studies there. But after that I went to Full Sail in Florida and studied Recording Engineering which is where I recorded “Just Like Heaven" [with] Jacob the producer [who] was another student there. He is from Hawaii and I used to live there and he actually saw me perform there years before we recorded together in Florida.

TP: Who are some of your influences as an artist?

H: My first major influence was Stevie Wonder. It was after I found a copy of “Hotter than July” when I was 8 years old that I decided I wanted to be a singer. He has such joy and love in his voice. I’m also influenced a lot by the great jazz singers like Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, [and] Billie Holiday for her phrasing. Anita baker was also a big influence. Prince [was another influence] and I also love reggae and African music.

TP: I explained to you, the DJ’s would not release this song for months. Actually, one of ChiStepper’s readers found the track online and told me, after which I shared it with the public. They told us that it was by Amel Larrieux. How crazy is that?

H: I love Amel Larrieux! I think her voice is so unique and beautiful, so I’m flattered even though I think I sound quite different. Thanks for putting me on too!

TP: There is very little information about you, your music, or your happenings online. How can the Steppers find the latest on Hassanah?

H: I have a website and there’s also the myspace page There should be a lot more info available [as] I’ll be updating the sites more often this year. I’m planning on having more footage of live performances and other interesting stuff.

TP: You’re located in Miami but you’ve expressed interest in coming to Chicago to see the dance. Are you open to performing at Steppin’ events throughout the country?

H: I would love to. Hopefully I’ll get out there this year!

TP: How should the promoters reach out to you?

H: Any promoter can reach me online through my website or myspace page.

TP: I know that you’ve recently hooked up with I-Tunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody. When will your music be available for purchase online?

H: I thought it wouldn’t be available ‘till march but I just checked and “Just Like Heaven” is already available now, so that’s cool!

TP: Okay, last question. When is the Hassanah CD dropping?

H: That’s in the works right now ... I’m releasing all the songs I’ve done as an album which I’m hoping to get out by summer and I’m also working on an album of new material. So just keep checking back with me.

TP: Any closing thoughts?

H: I just want to say thanks to all the listeners … it’s nice to know that there are people out there who love my song and I’m looking forward to learning more about the whole Chicago step movement.

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New Hassanah Interview: Check It Out!
Submitted by T. Pratt on Mon, 01/26/2009 - 17:47.
Hassanah is a true sweetheart. I'm so glad that we've been blessed with her music.